My Tiny Market Comment Policy

  • Don't be rude.  Suggestions and questions are always welcome.  
  • If you see something of a typo or any error.  Tell me, I will not take that as being rude.
  • If you see any person who is being a jerk.  Don't reply, contact me right away.  I will take care of it.

Sometime I don't see my blog pages as much as I like to but I will try my best to maintan my comments.

  • Want to promote your business? Don't do it in my blog.  This is MY BLOG,  you can promote it some where else.  You can contact me if you want to promote.
  • Going way off the subject is not permited.  Please don't do it.  
  • Threat any person in this blog is not permited so don't do it.
  • I can stand any person who discriminant.  Don't do it because you will get the boot.
  • Just have good fun and make new ideas for your design I create.